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Headquartered in Israel, Nikuv Ltd. has been delivering advanced and sophisticated, state-of-the-art technological solutions to its customers for the past 20 years. Nikuv was established in 1994 and is known worldwide for its team of outstanding IT professionals, with many years of hands on experience in the field of population registration.

Nikuv prides itself on an ability to manage large scale projects from  the analysis stage until the projects’  conclusion to the satisfaction of the customer. Since each customer has slightly different needs, Nikuv delivers fully customized solutions and ensures that each system can be easily modified. This allows system upgrades and future expansion to be easily implemented.

Nikuv provides its customers with extensive support, including the provision of full user documentation at every level. It also provides comprehensive training, from basic user operation through to first level support, thus enabling the customer to operate the system independently.

Population Registration
A national identity card system is one of the company’s flagship products, with security features that are fully compliant with international standards. This ensures that the identity cards cannot be forged. The ID Card System is an online, fully decentralized system and unique in that the entire process can be carried out either in a standard office or using mobile stations, enabling officials to register citizens wherever they are, even in the remotest of locations.

Every registration station, whether permanent or mobile, contains a computer for entering the citizens’ data, a digital camera, fingerprint scanner and a printer, so that once the registration process has been completed satisfactorily, an authorized ID card is printed out and issued to the citizen on the spot. The ID card is printed out on tamper-proof cards, which include a choice of security features. These features include holograms, a watermark in the background, a UV security panel, a digitized photograph, fingerprint security, dynamically shifting ink, a signature, a 2D barcode and an MRZ code.

Among the extensive range of products developed by Nikuv relating to population registration are the following:
• A passport system which incorporates the processing and issuance of passports, including e-passports. 
• An online Population Registration System for registering civilians and the issuance of relevant documentation. 
• Separate systems for registering births and deaths, and marriages and divorces, including the issuance of the relevant certificates and documentation, plus the provision of suitable data for statistical analyses.
• An immigration and citizenship system.
• An Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) suitable for law enforcement agencies and designed to assist in the fight against crime and terrorism.
• Documentation systems for producing licenses including driver’s licenses and car registration.


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Nikuv supplies advanced technology & turnkey solutions.